Saving the world’s oldest tattoo studio

Tattoo Ole, the oldest tattoo studio in the world, has been a fixture in Copenhagen for 134 years. But now the owners of its lease want to shut down the studio and use the space to expand their restaurant.

The current owner, Majbritt Petersen, known as Lille Ole, will soon go to court in an effort to prevent the landlord from turning this vital piece of tattoo history into a kitchen. Tattoodo has asked its community of 20 million users to sign a petition to help Majbritt save the studio. The petition, which currently has almost 10,000 signups, will be presented in court to emphasize the studio’s popularity and substance.

About Tattoo Ole
Since 1884 there have been tattoo artists operating in Tattoo Ole venues. As one of the busiest shipping ports in Europe, Copenhagen attracted sailors who brought the tattoo-culture into the city early on. During the 1950s and 60s Copenhagen’s tattooing scene was booming and Tattoo Ole, the most famous studio at the time, was run by artist Bimbo, known as the “tattoo artist of kings.” One of Bimbo’s customers was King Frederik IX and since, the studio has inked a number of celebrities including Hans Hansen, Tato Jack/Helmuth Mikaelsen, Ole Valdemar Hansen (Tatovør Ole), Henning Jørgensen and even Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone. The original designs from artists during Bimbo’s time are still available for customers to get. This year is the third time Tattoo Ole is being threatened by its landlords to shut down.

Mik Thobo-Carlsen, Co-Founder of Tattoodo comments: “Although tattooing is finally becoming socially accepted, and the market is growing fast. We still need to protect our culture and heritage. Tattooing is an artform that is very much defined by its history and legends. Tattoo Ole is a rare diamond that we all need to stand up for, to protect our cultural history, and to avoid that our society loses something that is truly unique.”

About Tattoodo
Tattoodo is the world’s largest community of tattoo enthusiasts with more than 20 million followers. Founded in 2013 by the famous tattoo artist and media personality Ami James among others, Tattoodo is available worldwide with with offices in Copenhagen, Miami, and New York. Tattoodo’s mission is to bring tattoo enthusiasts and professionals together through their app where they provide a directory of tattoo artists where tattoo users can get inspiration, education and book the right artist for their needs.